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You have a decision you need to make, do I stay or do I go? Let's make sure its the right decision for you.

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You have been at this thing for a while. No-one understands your business like you do. The highs and the lows have come many times over, and you are at a point where the part you play in the business is now open for conversation. However, moving on can be a scary proposition. What exactly will you do with your time? Is there something else for you to step into that is fulfilling?

Too many people try to tell you the 5 simple steps to grow more, or the 3 easy things to unlock value, but you can see through them every single time. This is your business that you've put your heart and soul into - maybe it's even been in the family for a generation or two! Making decisions like these are not easy, even if others around you like to think that they are.

illumin8 is dedicated to ensuring your decision making is connected to your personal dreams and goals. We take the time to understand you and what you want out of life, so that we can give you honest advice about how this may impact you, which may often go against the grain of traditional business thinking. After all - there are things you care more about than making money, and you just need some help to identify what they are so that you can put them first.

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“I don’t think I could have a better accountant. I feel like they’ve really got my best interest at heart.”

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